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Cleaning the hookah body

If your hookah dosen't provide that sweet smoke it once used to, it dosen't nesicerly means you need to get a new one. In order to keep the hookah as good as new, it is recommanded to give it a quick clean up every week, or every 10 smoking sessions.

Cleaning the hookah body is pretty simple, all you need is a hookah brush, prefferably a firm one - don't get the cheap ones that bend easily. Another tip for a good hooakah brush is firm fibers.

It is highly recommended to squeeze half a lemon into to hookah body before brushing the inside. The lemon helps removing that awful after-taste of those nasty burned out smoking sessions leftovers.

After every few brushes, wash the inside of the hookah body with running water. Repeat the process until total satisfaction. Professional hookah smokers tend to find this routine quite erotic.

For a deep and thorough clean up, check out the other cleaning guides: Cleaning the hose and Cleaning the bowl.