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Hookah - Can you imagine yourself without it?

Home made hookah

Hi there kids! Today we are going to make a home made hookah from house hold accessories!

For this assignment you should have the following prepared:

An apple, a plastic bottle, a garden hose, some plasticine and a straw.

Let's make us a hookah

Stage 1 - Dig out the top of the apple to shape it like a hookah clay bowl, only it's gonna be a hookah apple-bowl.

Stage 2 - Screw the apple on top of the garden hose (make sure the hose can "breathe" through the apple).

Stage 3 - Insert the hose with the apple on top into the bottle, and seal it with some plasticine.

Stage 4 - Use a burning tip of a cigarette or any other tiny heat source to make a tiny hole in the bottle to insert the straw. Make sure you make it tight - if needed, use some plasticine to seal the hole after the straw is in.

This guide brings you about the simplest home made hookah possible - but you can make it much more creative by using a larger elastic hose instead of a straw, or even making a stylish hookah out of an old glass whisky bottle - use your imagination!