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Hookah - The mood maker!

Loading the hookah Bowl

Loading the hookah bowl is pretty easy, however, it might ruin a perfectly good smooking session when done by the inexpirenced smoker. The folloing guide will explain how to load the bowl correctly, with a few useful tips.

Tobacco time - Load the entire bowl with your finnest tobacco, fill it all the way to the top, and add a little more to create a bit of a "hill". Tip - You can use more than one flavor of tobacco at one time. Combining two different flavors can make your smoking expiriance a celebration of smoke. Tobacco of different colors (brown and bourdeaux) usually makes the best combinations.

The foil - Wrap the top of the bowl with a piece of aluminume foil, and close it as tight as you possibly can. Use the thickest aluminum you can find, and if it's a thin one, consider using double layer.

The hole - Pick a sharp and thin tool (toothpicks, pins, a pen any of those will do) and pierce a few holes in the foil. The more holes you make, and of course the bigger you make the, the thicker the smoke will be but harder to take.